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Remember when music was SO important?


Remember when

music was so important?


Remember when music was SO important? When you'd get on your bike with you pocket money burning a hole in your pocket and cycle through the rain to the local record shop because you just HAD to buy SOMETHING? Remember going round your mate's house to hear his new albums and singles? Lovingly crafting a mixtape for someone you were trying to impress?

That's what Round At Milligan's is all about.
There is still music being made that is THAT good, and we've been personally digging out the good stuff, so you don't have to.

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Please, please tell your friends. You know, the ones who used to be cool ;o)
I started Round At Milligan's - Proudly independent music show originally to get all my friends heard: The amazing musicians and writers who wrote 3 brilliant songs in their early 20s then got married and 'grew up'. The ones who bought themselves a mid-life crisis guitar in their 40s and found it was like getting their soul back. The ones, like me, who are lifers: Who've been banging away in bands and little studios all their lives 'cos they just can't stop. They'd all sit in pubs with me and talk about their music with such passion. They weren't trying to get 'famous' any more than someone who spends all his spare time and money building model railways or restoring old cars. I wanted this amazing music heard, and even bought, by people who GET it, without all the filters of sponsors and record companies and play-listed stations in the way. 
I'm also an independent record buying obsessive. I was already trawling Pennyblack, Myspace, Reverbnation and Bandcamp for interesting bands. The show gives me a window to display all the bands I and my glamorous sidekicks Lew Tassell and JosieJo have found over the years and all the great ones we're finding every single day!

Thank you for listening!
Big Love

Dave Milligan 

Round At Milligan's is researched, compiled and presented by

Dave Milligan (Arco / The Penguin Party / Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective), Dave Vagrant (Dave's Music Shed), Lew Tassell, KosieJo (The JosieJo Show), And Gareth Hall

With frequent guest appearances

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